What is nerdy?

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What is nerdy?  Empty What is nerdy?

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:45 pm

What is nerdy?

The internet also use to be considered very nerdy, nowadays a typical teen party guy probably spends as much time as I do online, posting FB updated and pictures. The most anticipated films of the year are comic-book adaptions which will more than likely break box-office records (and obviously have a wide appeal to be able to do those numbers). Also the big box office hits in the last few years seem to all have comic book or sci-fi themes to them, and were well received by a broad audience. I remember seeing the Star Trek reboot when it first came out at cinemas, and it mostly couples viewing.
Gaming has also had a sudden rise in popularity, with the likes of Wii,apps and Kinect etc, appealing to a wider (albeit omgz casual ) market. Shows like Big Bang Theory also have become very popular party for this reason, and I'm sure many other shows have followed suit.
I could list many more examples, but I think OT gets where I am going with the thread.

So, are all things once considered "nerdy" at one point now just considered the norm?

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